Heart Transplantation is the only and mandatory option for patients with severe heart problems. When other medical and surgical treatments fail, then Heart transplant option comes into picture. This is a procedure of transplanting a heart from a deceased body to a new recipient’s body. Dr. Nagesh is the best heart transplant surgeon in Hyderabad , his heart transplantation procedure is a life saving treatment for people with severe end-stage heart failure.

Best Heart Transplant Treatment in Hyderabad

Prior to a specialist suggests heart transplantation for a patient, all other conceivable medications for his or her heart problem more likely will be attempted. The reason for heart transplantation is to improve life of a patient who might not live long. Most patients who get a donor heart improve their living style and lead an ordinary life.

The results of heart transplantation rely upon the patient’s age, well-being, and different variables. Around 73% of heart transplant patients are live a healthy life four year after surgery as well.

After transplant, most patients regain their daily routines which means the heart functions as expected. A transplanted heart pulsates speedier than a normal heart as heart nerves are cut amid surgery. The new heart additionally does not build its heart beat rate as fast amid work out. All things being equal, most patients feel vastly improved and their ability to work is significantly enhanced from before the transplantation.

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